Morbihan Paddle Trophy – June 15 and 16, 2019

Morbihan Paddle Trophy – June 15 and 16, 2019

Registrations for the sixth Morbihan Paddle Trophy West France are open.

This race brought together 500 competitors last year, becoming the largest Stand Up Paddle race in France.

Races will take place on June 15 and 16, 2019 in the Gulf of Morbihan, and on June 28 on the River Seine in Paris.

The Start will be given on Saturday June 15th at 1pm, with a big walk on the water leading the participants on 4.5km from Le Bono to the port of Saint-Goustan. This walk, open to all, will bring together more than 500 Stand Up Paddle fans. They will be accompanied with music played by traditional boats, and all will pay tribute to the rescuers of the SNSM.

The day will continue in the port of Saint-Goustan with competitions allowing teams to compete from 2pm: in teams of 6 on Giant Stand Up Paddle or in teams of 4 in Dragons.

At 6pm in Vannes, two races open to all categories will start on two courses: a first course of 3.6km and a second of 5.4km. Both will have their start and finish lines in the port of Vannes.

On Sunday June 16, 4 long-distance races will converge towards the port of Auray:

  • – the first will bring together the «Elites» on a 28km course linking Vannes to Auray. The start will be given at 11:30 am, and the competitors will face the rising and falling currents.
  • – the second race for the «Raiders» will start from Locmariaquer at 12:30 pm and will join the «Elites» on the island of Runio to return to the port of Auray.
  • – the third race will allow «Leisure» competitors to cover 8.5km by connecting the Dreven beach (located at the foot of the Villa du Guern) to the port of Auray. The start will be at 1pm and participants will join the two previous groups on the Auray River.
  • – Finally, the under-15s will start from Fort Espagnol at 1pm to travel 7km with the other three groups.

The day will end in the port of Saint-Goustan with the semi-final and final of the Derby Giant.

All the participants who competed in both races will be able to meet on the Seine on June 28th for an absolutely memorable 5km race.

You will find additional information and registration details at the following link: