International maritime festival of the Gulf

International maritime festival of the Gulf

The countdown to the launch of the 10th edition of the Gulf Week has begun.

This international maritime festival, conceived by the Morbihan region in the 1990s, was launched in 2001. Every two years during Ascension Week, it brings together nearly a thousand European vessels and more than 4000 sailors. The ships of the Atlantic coast are not the only ones represented: the Gulf Week also allows you to admire boats from the Mediterranean, Cornwall, the North Sea, etc…

Each edition of the Gulf Week also honours a region of the world; following the fleets of the Maritime Alps, Wales, the Spanish Basque Country, the Netherlands and Croatia that were highlighted in previous editions, the focus this year will be on Veneto and Norway, two regions with a long maritime history.

  • Veneto will be represented by more than a dozen boats, including an authentic 18th century gondola, other reconstructed gondolas, batele a coa de Gambaro, Puparìni, Bragozzi and two Sanpierota. These boats will be visible every evening in the port of Vannes.

  • The Norwegian fleet will include a traditional fjord boat, a Sami fishing boat from Lapland, a traditional Nordland sailboat, 3 replicas of 19th century Norwegian boats and a replica of a 12th century Danish boat: the Seksaering GISLE.

Spectators will also be able to admire some thirty 20 to 50m old European heritage rigging: three-masts, bricks, schooners, etc. Among the most impressive, the Oosterschelde three-masted schooner of 50m dating from 1917 and the Morgenster, 48m brick built in 1919, both from the Netherlands. But also the French (ex Kaskelot), a three-masted barque of 1948 47m long or the Etoile du Roy, an 18th century frigate replica of 47m. Or the Russian Shtandart, a 34m replica of a 1703 frigate from Peter Ist.

Vessels participating to the Gulf Week will be divided into 10 fleets, each with a program adapted to its navigation characteristics; each evening the different fleets stop in a different port.

The opening parade will take place on Monday 27 May from 8.30 pm abeam the Port Navalo lighthouse, a magnificent spectacle not to be missed.

On Tuesday 28 May, a large picnic with marine songs, Breton dances and Dutch musicians will be organised on the island of Arz.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the fleets will sail during the day, before participating to the parties organised in the various ports where they will spend the night.

The highlight of the Gulf Week will of course be the great parade on Saturday, June 1 at 3:30 pm. After a day of navigation in the Bay of Quiberon, the various fleets will enter into the Gulf in four groups flanked by spectacular vessels. The show between Locmariaquer and Port Navalo will be unique. 

You will find all the useful information on the website of the Gulf of Morbihan Week:

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